Anniversary Pillow

Logan and Susan showing off the Anniversary Pillow.

Logan and Susan showing off the Anniversary Pillow.

This post should be called 'WHAT WE DO FOR LOVE' because surely this is a love story.  A few weeks ago a young woman entered the store with a drawing.  She had an idea for a rug, but needed to learn to rug hook first.  I told her it would be best to start on a simple project, like a heart or star but she had a plan and that plan included her transferring this pattern onto linen, color planning it, hooking it and finishing it into a pillow all in time for her anniversary, which was just a few weeks away.

How could I tell this adorable blond girl that this was a lofty goal, even for someone who knew how to hook.  But she was determined and we dove in.  I showed her how to transfer the pattern onto red dot, then onto linen.  We picked some colors, cut the wool and sat down to teach her how to hook.  How lucky was I, that this kid picked up rug hooking like it was in her DNA.  She came out to the store several times, so she could hook without her husband seeing the project.  She and I spent many hours together and became great friends.

She finished the rug and with only days left before the anniversary date, she needed to learn how to finish it into a pillow.  Fortunately, Susan McQuiddy showed up that day and gave her lots of tips on finishing.  I sewed the back on for her, was lucky enough to find a ball of yarn dyed the perfect color and set her to that task.

Today is the day.....I hope her husband is surprised and appreciates the love and devotion that was put into the project.  It was a pleasure being a part of their special day.  I am so proud of my student and hope she will be back for many more rug hooking projects.  Happy Anniversary Logan and Ryan!

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