Dear Bloggers, 

Those of you who have your own websites will feel my pain.  My old computer died and so I had to start a new website with new software.  Ok....speak to me in Swahili, I was clueless!!!!  

To the rescue came Brandon Blakemore and his sister Kendra from Zealous Melon, technology consultants, who have not only helped with a new website, they encouraged me to redo my newsletter and blog.

So here it goes, this is our first blog, simply a test.  I promise future ones will have to do with rug hooking, but for today....a selfie of the computer wizards (actually that is Kendra, the young one) . I am the one with the dazed look on her face.  Their patience has been incredible.  I cannot recommend them more highly.  If you need computer help of any kind in Omaha, Nebraska, Zealous Melon is the place to go.  

Janice Lee1 Comment