Binding Night

Here it is, already Thursday.  Boy, did this week fly.  Pictured, is the fine group of rug hookers who made up the Heirloom Rug Class this week.  Not pictured, is Kathleen Salak, who was a wonderful addition to this FANTASTIC group.  I am not sure what we found sooooo funny, but we laughed ourselves till it hurt on many occasions thru out the 3 day class.  Hopefully, they learned a lot about the techniques of making an 'ugly bug rug' and a little history and general hooking knowledge to boot.

I promise to show their rugs as they finish them.  I won't say they were beautiful (they really were) because we laughed a lot about how these rugs need to be old, worm and homely looking.  The rugs are going to be outstanding.

Now….remember, our first BINDING NIGHT will be tomorrow, October 24 until 9pm or whenever Elsie and I drop dead from hooking exhaustion.  Els and I can always be counted on to be the last 2 in the room, so I look forward to getting lots done.  Carl will bring us something for dinner, so we won't have to pause too long for dinner.  Join us, we will hook all afternoon for those who can and then bind late into the evening.  It is free to all.  World problems will be solved and hopefully we can share some more stories about how we damaged our children thru out dubious parenting skills.


Janice LeeComment