Pris Buttler was here last weekend for our annual
MASTERS CLASS.  A few years ago, we studied the work of Gustav Klimt.  Those rugs were seen in Rug Hooking Magazine in an article in 2010.

Last year we were inspired by the work of Jan Theodore Toorop.  Those are our 'lady' rugs or "Vestal Virgins" as they are officially called.  Those rugs will be in Rug Hooking Magazine next month, in an article I wrote about that class.

This year Pris chose the work of Georgia O'Keefe for our master class.  16 students and Pris Buttler came to the store last Friday, Saturday and Sunday to learn to do this torn strip beauty. I let each student pick their poppy color, then per Pris' instructions, I dyed 6 shades of each color.

The rug on top is Pris' beautiful poppy rug,  the one below is mine.  I finished it on Monday.  Those torn strips let you fly!  And when you are done tearing and hooking those wide monsters, hooking the background in an 8.5 was like butter.

This was a terrific class.  I learned lots about the shading and of course, the higgledy piggledy flowers and leaves were there own sort of challenging.  Each rug is different and beautiful and I can't wait to show you some more as they are finished up.

Next year, Pris came up with a spectacular idea for our MASTER CLASS, it is a bit of a surprise/secret, so I won't talk about it yet. If you are interested in signing up for this wonderful opportunity with a master teacher/artist, Pris Buttler, contact me.  We have a couple of spots open for the class which we will be held September  18,19,20, 2015.

Next time….

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