Autumn Gobbler Finished

Autumn Gobbler, a Jan Goos design that I started hooking in a class taught by Jan Goos herself, is DONE.  I particularly like the Indian corn  These similar value rugs are particularly challenging, but as Jan says "you have to make your wool work for you and 'love' in a little here and there to make the colors stand out."

Below is my shaded rose from the Newton Teacher's Workshop, complete with a 3 cut shaded rose.  A proud day for sure.  I did the leaves and background in a 5 cut, because I could not bear the thought of a 3 cut background.  But I think it looks fine and I am proud of the result.  Thank you Livily Powers for the fine instruction.

Don't forget, that we hook Friday and Saturday this week, July 11 and 12.  We missed first Saturday because of the holiday weekend, so we are bumping it back to this weekend.  Join us, as always….all are welcome and it is FREE!

Til then…..

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