McGown Teacher's Workshop

You may have heard thru the grapevine that some of us went to the McGown Teacher's Workshop in Newton, Iowa in April.  Pat, Colleen and Jan Goos and I decided it would be an interesting opportunity to learn more about fine hooking.  So we went and we did.  Learn more about fine hooking that is.

Each day you take a different class.  As trainees, we did scrolls, an oriental,
a 3 cut shaded rose and then a class of your choice.  My fourth class was the rug below.  We used a piece of ombre wool, mine was orange, red and gold. I toned it down a bit by adding the solid colors to the flowers and checkered border when I got home.  I did this in an 8 cut, so it went quickly.

The scroll above, was the first day of class.  We used dip dyed wool for the scrolls and learned some very interesting tips and techniques for dealing with dip dyes.  For instance, they never, and I mean NEVER throw away a strip of wool.  I was declared a wool waster, and I guess I am.  It is no excuse that I have a whole store full.  They tell you to save everything and I was glad I did.  I got right down to the last scroll and was putting everything I had leftover into it.  The photo is not the best, but it gives you the idea, nonetheless.

The large multi colored scroll was fun to do.  We were told to leave our strips attached on the top side, so it is easier to see the color and shading.  Then when you need that strip, you cut it off.  They suggested that a mess of noodles on the table are much harder to judge the color of, than ones already used and attached in your rug.  It works very well, but you do have to get used to lots of spaghetti hanging off the front side of your rug.

I am almost done with my shaded rose, so I will show that next time.  The Beshire, oriental will be next and then I am done with my McGown projects.  I doubt I will ever regularly use anything smaller than a 4 cut, but the 3 cut experience was a good one and now I can say "I am a fine hooker."

Next time….
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