Canine Good Citizen

Well, I could not be more proud to announce that today, Blue and I went down to the Humane Society and took the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  It is a 10 part test, that tests for basic obedience, people socialization, behavior around other dogs etc.  You have to walk thru a crowd, leave your dog with another handler and leave the room for 3 minutes, walk on a loose leash, sit, down, sit stay, recall, be examined and petted by a stranger and so forth.  This all sounds easy, but with lots of distraction, 9 other dogs, strange people etc., it is slightly challenging.

Blue, of course, was a SUPERSTAR and did everything he was supposed to do with a  lot of style and panache.  Please note we are wearing coordinating outfits, me in black and white and him in his fleur de lis scarf.  Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, he was snappin'.   Ok, I will admit, I have become that dog person who planned my outfit to match his scarf, but just for special occasions like this test!!!!!!

Here was the only disappointing thing……I thought once you passed, you got the Canine Good Citizen vest for the dog to wear.  WRONG…..if you are a poodle.  You have to be a pit bull or one of the other 7 dog breeds on the dangerous dog list, that must be muzzled in Omaha unless you have passed this test.  So….no vest for Blue.  He and I will find other ways to make our fashion statements.  I think the tester thought I was going to cry when she said we could not get the vest, because we are NOT dangerous, so she told me that I can go to the AKC website and order him a Canine Good Citizen scarf and myself a t-shirt.  I, of course, will call tomorrow to place the order!!!!!!!!

All for now blogging friends.  My little poodle buddy is sacked out at my feet and ready for bed.  It was a trying afternoon for us.  All that sitting and staying and those other dogs barking……yikes.  You could tell Blue was wondering, "what is with all the noise these dogs are making!"  We are exhausted.

'til next time….
Janice and Blue
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