Blue Turns 6 Months

 I am fairly certain the question that has most been on your mind is,  "How is old Blue, doing?"  Well, as you can see, he is nearly (absolutely) perfect.  He turned 6 months old a few weeks ago and I hired a professional photographer, Ali Frost, to come out and take his picture.  It did not occur to me until after the photo shoot, that I am not really sure I had my children's photos taken at 6 months.  It is alright, I am currently on the bad mother's list for a number of transgressions anyway.  I might as well just own up to it now.  I like the dog better than all people.  I finally admitted it to Carl and he took it fairly well.  My children might be a little poutier about it.

Blue and I finished 8 weeks of obedience training with a private trainer, just yesterday.  Sue Torpy is the trainer, of River City Obedience Training in Omaha.  She is awesome and I learned tons of dog training skills and theory in our 8 classes.  Blue is prepping to take his Canine Good Citizen test in a few weeks.  I will let you know how it goes, but he is one fine, obedient fellow for only 6 months.

We started summer theatre on Monday and Blue loved seeing all the kids.  We sit in a circle and discuss our goals at the beginning of each class.  Blue laid by my side and napped thru most of that, but is up and watching when those kids are dancing and singing.  He loves them all and is a devoted theatre dog.

If you look at his ears in the top picture, you can see that his color is changing and he is definitely a 'BLUE' Standard Poodle.  The ears and top of his head are a bronzish color.  I have no idea what will happen in the next couple of years, but he will be somewhere between smokey black and steely grey.  Beautiful, no matter what the color.

I was told that Standard Poodles are particularly devoted to their owners and Blue certainly got that memo.  He is happiest when he is collapsed at my feet or resting his head on my arm or leg.  He likes other people too, especially Colleen and Pat from the store.  Colleen has always been his spare momma and he is not happy until she gives him the attention due him, when she arrives at the store.  Pat is another dog lover and will babysit him if I have to leave for a few minutes.  He loves his ladies!

Ah, yes, rug hooking.  Pictured on the bottom is the rug I did in the Diana Geisinger class.  We learned faux braiding, chain stitch, basket weave, beading etc.  I love my little rug and really enjoyed the faux braiding.  It is a little extra trouble, but worth the effort for the effect.

Bye until next timeā€¦..

Janice and Blue

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