Birthday Girl

Hello All
My daughter Leah's birthday is coming up, so it was important that I get this rug of Mij done in time for the birthday party.  Please note that Mij has her left ear cocked forward…..that is because a squirrel is hiding behind the flower on the top right hand corner. Mij is a big squirrel fan and only lifts that ear when she sees one.  You would not think that lifted ear would present much of a problem, but it did.  I hooked it about 10 different ways and finally walked away from the rug in disgust.

Jan Goos was here visiting and I said to her, "I have had it!  Do something with that ear, will you????? And left the building.  Fortunately when I returned, my clever rug hooking buddy had hooked the ear and I must say she did a marvelous job.  Thanks Ms. Goos !!!!!

I hid the letters M I J above the dog's back and apparently did such a good job of hiding them that you cannot see them in this picture.  In person, you can pick them out, hidden so nicely in the background.

Of course, Leah has Mij's sister Dolly living with them now.  It was a rough couple of weeks as these 2 litter mates played the getting acquainted game, but now they are fast friends.  I am sure that now I will be required to hook a rug of Mij AND Dolly, but maybe that can be for Leah's next birthday.

We are having a big weekend here at the store.  Jan Goos is coming to teach a 3 day workshop.  She designed a wonderful runner called BARNYARD FOLK ART and we will all hook the same rug, but make them distinctly our own.  They will be fun for sure.

Stop by when you are in the area.  As always the store is full of antiques, hand dyed wool and over 750 rug hooking patterns.

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