Unleashed Dog Spa

Blue survived his first professional haircut, but not without protestations.  Fortunately for him, we found  a gem of a groomer in Mandy McMenamin of Unleashed Dog Spa in Elkhorn Nebraska.  This darling young woman could not have been more patient and understanding of this 20 lb mass of wriggling, uncooperative fur.

A friend who owns three poodles recommended Mandy to me.  Then at the gym, I brought up my impending need for a dog groomer.  I told the other ladies that I had gotten a terrific recommendation.  Our trainer spoke up and insisted he knew the BEST dog groomer ever and said I needed to try her.  I told him I felt pretty good about the recommendation I got, since this woman works out of her home and will even let you wait and watch your dog being groomed.  The trainer said "Well, this one is close by, just in Elkhorn."  I said "Well, the name I got is just in Elkhorn too!!!"  It was at about this point that we realized we were talking about the same person.  We were both right, she is a terrific, super nice, sweetheart of a dog groomer.  It turns out Mandy's mom lifts weights at the same gym that I go to!!!!

Even Blue had to agree that Mandy was really swell, even tho she was involved in some puppy torture, like blow drying and toenail clipping.  He had forgiven us both within minutes of his hair-do completion.

I decided to make this an every 2 week event until he gets used to the process.  I don't think it will be long before he gets the drift.  And it is soooooo much better to teach him to like grooming at this age and size instead of as a 60lb 6 month old.  Mandy agreed it is a good plan, so in two weeks, we go back for more.

 The plus side to this, other than the really terrific smelling, adorable dog……is that Blue preferred to be carried around like a baby all day.  I had Carl take the picture below to prove it.  Yes, it is true, this spoiled pooch has me soooooo wrapped around his little paw.  However, he is getting to be quite an armful.  Perhaps he would consider some kind of papoose arrangement.  Thank goodness, I lift  weights as a past time.  It has prepared me for this moment.  Sort of like Owen Meany for those of you who have read it!

Pictured above is Blue and Carl and me at Jean Miller's in Seneca Nebraska the day we picked him up.  Jean posted this on her website at Solo Standards.  It is no wonder this dog thinks I should carry him everywhere……we started out that way!

Next post……Santa is going to be de-mascara-ed.  My pretty boy Santa is going to lose some of his eye liner to see if we can make him look like a little tougher, yet still jolly old elf.  Stay tuned.


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