Mij is Stylin'

Our Christmas Open House was great fun.  We had a terrific turn out and a really enjoyable day.  Thanks to all who attended and to Carl who made us lunch.  Congratulations to Karen Flatley, the winner of the $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Here is a news flash for you.  I just got word from Beeline that their cutter and blade prices are going up as of January 10th.  If you need a Beeline cutter or blades in different sizes, now is the time to buy.  I have a long arm cutter in stock at the old price and long arm blades of all sizes.  Contact me for availability if you have been considering the purchase of a cutter or blade (cartridge) before the price hike.

And AHHHHHH…….Mij is modeling her new outer wear.  Of course she is pretty in her pink princess sweater, a natural for a dog named Her Mijesty.  I think the striped hoodie is just right for a more casual look that will keep the chill away on those brisk winter walks.

Leah contends Mij likes her jackets and sweaters, but who is surprised, the little cow dog turned fashionista never fails to amaze.  You go girl, you are lookin' two snap.   (I fear that was a terribly out-dated attempt at 'cool' jargon)

I wish to apologize for fewer blogs of late.  My computer connection has been disturbed and it has not been reaching the house since we messed with the phone connection during the addition construction.  But….it is working tonight, so HOORAY!  I may be back to my regular blogging schedule.

Good night to all.


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