The Puppies Are Here

 I could pretend this post is about rug hooking, since I am including two photos pertaining to that subject.  But, really I am writing today to announce that the litter of pups from Solo Standards, that I have been so "patiently" waiting  for is finally here.  Jean Miller just called me to say that Bella's litter of 5 pups arrived last night.  Mother and pups are all doing fine.  The pups are big and healthy.  There are 3 females and 2 males.  Jean is keeping a female for breeding purposes.  I want a male puppy and there was an apricot and a silver  born.  I put my dibs on the silver male.  He is black now, but has white tufts of hair between the pads of his feet, which she says indicates he will probably turn silver or at least be a gun metal grey/black. Perfect for me.

Jean names all her litters with a theme.  This litter's theme is WINTER.  She named the boy pups Yukon and Tundra.  Cute names, but I am still looking for the perfect name for the puppy.   Carl likes Charlie, I like Blue or Clipper.  Donna Hrkman suggested Smokey and now I think the name Smoke might fit the pup fine.  I will have to wait until I see him.

He will not be able to come home until he is 8 weeks old.  We
will be driving to get him in January, so we will be at the mercy of the winter weather, but we will figure it out.  Until then, I will be buying dog toys in preparation of his arrival.

Rug hooking???????   Oh yeah……pictured above are Marie Schropp and Sharon Townsend both working on wonderful portraits in the Donna Hrkman class at the retreat.   The little boy is Pat Shafer's retreat project, also from the Donna Hrkman class.  This is her son Tim and she is doing a beautiful job of capturing his likeness and spirit.

More soon,


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