Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I am sure you are all in the midst of the cooking and cleaning that precedes the big day, but I am writing tonight in case you have a moment for a chuckle.  We have been out and out laughing about this for several hours.

Remember my little grandson Smith?  He is the one I  helped make the scarecrow for his kindergarden project.  Well, today the teacher asked each child to tell about their Thanksgiving turkey.  She wrote down the words and then copied each child's story into a book of all the stories, for the kids to take home.

Smith's mom Rachel, was at work when husband Matt called her.  All he could say is "The kid threw me under the bus" and then read her Smith's work.

In case you can't read the tiny print, this is what it says:

Baked Turkey, From the kitchen of Rachel Cole, as told by Smith Cole

My mom gets the turkey from Hy-Vee, probably.  She adds 2 sprinkles of pepper, and she adds those little green specks, parsley: like 12 or 16 of those.  She puts the turkey in the oven.  She turns the oven to HOT and cooks it for about 12 minutes.  The oven beeps and she takes it out.  My mom cuts up the turkey.  My mom does all the work.  Dad is in the basement playing video games on the X-box.  Mom calls us for dinner and we usually save the turkey for dessert.  It tastes like fried chicken.  It is so good.
My mom is a great cook!

As you can imagine this has caused some mixed feelings in their household.  Rachel can't quit laughing (like us) and Matt is nursing some bruised feelings.  I am sure as a hardworking, stay at home dad, he feels under-appreciated at this moment.  Poor Matt!  I am sure this is extra hard on him knowing that the stories went home to ALL the parents, so now a good portion of central Omaha knows that "Mom does all the work and Dad is in the basement playing video games on the X-Box."

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family.

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