Christmas Open House

Christmas OPEN HOUSE will be next Saturday, December 7 from 10-5.   We will have open hooking all day, Carl will make us all lunch!  Bring a treat to share if you wish.  The new addition is finished and will be loaded with antiques, wool and patterns for browsing. I selected over 100 patterns to put on a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL at 20% OFF.  Patterns from Sharon Smith, M. Shaw and many others are on this fun bargain rack.  Visit or call if you are looking for a special pattern.

Join our regular group for a great day of hooking.
We have plenty of room for all with the new addition.
 As you can see from the pictures, it is a good sized space.  I have begun moving the antiques into it, but have to leave outlets uncovered for the fire marshal to inspect on Thursday.  Then I will be able to fill it up and decorate it for Saturday!

As added incentive….on Saturday….make a purchase and be put in a drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate to the store.  Need not be present to win, just make any size purchase at some point of the day.  Your name will automatically go into the drawing.

If Sandy wins again, we will declare her the "Luckiest Woman Alive" or perhaps she has secret powers she is using.  Some form of hypnotic gaze.  Hmmmm….I will be keeping my eye on her this time.

Hope to see you all on Saturday, Dec. 7, 10-5.

Till then,


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