Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent

 Hang on to your tiaras.......there was a whole lot of crazy going on this Halloween night.  To prove my point:

Exhibit A:  Mij in her Sleeping Beauty outfit that I bought her, complete with the crown.  Doesn't she look thrilled.

Exhibit B:  My daughter Leah, decked out in her Maleficent costume, the  beautiful, but wicked stepmother of the lovely Sleeping Beauty.

Exhibit C:  Mij.....trick or treating, or is that trying to sneak in the back door to escape the craziness.

Exhibit D:  Long suffering Prince (i.e. Ben) who posed, at the direction of Leah, kissing the lovely Sleeping Beauty, awaking her from her poisoned slumber.

Mij's expression says it all.  Where are the cows, where is Will?  Why am I dressed in pink satin?
Why does the lady I live with suddenly look spooky and evil?  Who is the funny looking straw guy sitting in my back yard?   Where is my bed,  where is my pillow?  Aw.....finally, maybe if I close my eyes this will all be over.  But wait.....what do you suppose she has in mind for me at the next holiday.  Turkey feathers and pilgrim hats or do we move right on into an elf costume or angel wings?

Poor Mij.....what next????  I don't have the heart to tell her that Leah's theatre company is doing ANNIE at Christmas time.  I don't suppose Leah will spray paint her brown, tie a big red bow around her neck and make her jump out of a box as  Little Orphan Annie's dog Sandy.   Oh, why did I have to mention that.  Sorry, Mij!

Happy Halloween to All.....


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