Pumpkin Fest

More gifty pumpkins!  Jan Goos came to hook on Friday and brought these wonderful wax spiced pumpkins as a present.  The shop smells wonderful, all cinnamon and spice!  Goos worked her magic on these beautiful things.  I have no idea how she does this stuff, but they are gorgeous and terrifically delicious to smell.  Again.....thank goodness for my talented friends.

The little round hooked piece is a pattern by Cabin Creek.  I love the little French pumpkin, done in Earthy.  The soft black background is Spunky Monkey.

Next, the work continues on the addition.  Today they removed the wall between the old shop and the new room.  It was exciting and fun to watch and I got to volunteer my help, cleaning up sawdust and hauling away wood scraps.  Next week the electrician, then in two weeks they will insulate and close in the inside.  After the retreat, the cement will be cured enough for me to paint.  We will definitely celebrate Christmas, on the first Saturday of December with an all day hooking 10-5.  Carl will make lunch and we can revel in the new space.  Join us!!!

Janice LeeComment