It Begins!!!

Well, since I had nothing to do this week except get ready for the big doins' this weekend, I  thought maybe I should add on to the store.  Sure, why not!!!!!  So here I am officially announcing that I am adding on to the store to give us more room for hooking events just like the one we are having this weekend.  The foundation guys showed up today and poured the footings.  A little block work, a little flat work and the carpenters will be here.  If all goes well, we will be having our annual Christmas party in the new space.  I am adding on almost half again as much as the building is now.  It will be spectacular.   Stay tuned for updates!

Speaking of this weekend, did I mention we will be having free classes all day Saturday?  At 10am I will teach "10 Ways to Use Up Your Leftovers".   At 11am I will teach a "Proddy' class.  I have whipped up a few projects to show various ways to use proddy in your rug hooking.  At 1pm, Jan Goos and I will be doing a "Color Planning Challenge".  We will let someone in the crowd pick a pattern and we will both color plan it, just like we would do for one of our own rugs.  It should be interesting to see how different our color choices will be.  At 2pm, we have a design surprise all kitted up and ready for Jan to teach.  We drew 2 different designs for fall, she put them together and is going to teach the project.  We have kits all ready for anyone who would like to tackle the project with Jan's help.  They should be quick and easy and fun for fall.

Join us Friday from 9-9 and Saturday from 9-6.  Remember the Omaha Hook-In is Friday from 9-3.  Join us for color planning help, or shop thru the over 750 patterns at the store.  All patterns will be $5 OFF on Friday and Saturday.  Visit my website and click on OCT 4&5 in the toolbar for more information.

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