Festivus Halloweenus

I am enjoying all the wonderful Halloween decorations my friends have made.   This little wooden wheelbarrow on my dining room table, is sporting some pumpkins made by friend, Jan Goos.  These are made of paper mache and there are cat faces, pumpkin faces and ghostly pumpkin faces too.   Where does she come up with these ideas?  They are just wonderful.

Below the wheelbarrow is a little train I bought for Carl when we were visiting Sauder Village.  I found this little toy train in an antique store and thought it would be perfect to go under my snow village when I decorate for Christmas.  Carl is a big lover of trains, so it was his present from the trip.  I think he would have preferred some of the chocolate that never made it home.

Next......the addition is right on track and the carpenters were out today.  They got walls up and are now preparing to reinforce the wall that will be cut away between the building and addition.  They are coming back tomorrow, so things should be moving right along.  I definitely think we will be having our Christmas party in the new addition to the store!


Janice LeeComment