Biscuit and Torrey

The rug is done and Biscuit and Torrey, my 2 old gals have been commemorated.  This Woolley Fox pattern worked out perfectly with a little adjusting.  I had to point the ears on the Torrey dog, for her Blue Heeler look and her feet and tip of her tail had to be changed from the original.  The border is a striped as-is wool combined with a Smudged version of the same wool, to darken it a little.  The blue heeler body was a striped grey wool that also has been smudged to take away that new look that sometimes comes with as-is wool.  The background is a mixture of Earthy and some as-is lights.  The coraly pink color of the flowers is Bubblegum Pink and gives just the right vintage look.  This rug is HOMELY, just the look I like from a "heirloom'  rug.

I even put the girls' initials below them.  Pictured below are the two girls.  Biscuit is on the left, Torrey is on the right.   Torrey looks like she is ready to steal some bananas or a stick of butter, doesn't she.  She still has some of the devil in her, even at her age.   Biscuit, on the other hand looks completely innocent and usually is!

See you tomorrow,

Janice Lee3 Comments