A Poodle in My Future

I am so excited!  This week I put myself on a waiting list for a Standard Poodle puppy, that will be born while we are at the Nebraska Rug Hooking Retreat in Nebraska City.  (There, I officially included rug hooking in this blog)  The pups are due November 13th.  This is the beautiful mother of the pups.  Her name is Bella and she is owned by Jean Miller of Solo Standard Poodles in Seneca, Nebraska.

I grew up around Standard Poodles and they have always been one of my favorite breeds.  For many reasons, this is a good match for me.  They don't shed, are a low allergy dog, one of the most intelligent dog breeds and bond very closely to their owners.  I want a dog that I can take out to the store with me and to the theatre when I give voice lessons.  A Standard Poodle, should be just the ticket.

My two elderly girls are a little territorial, so Jean suggested I get a male dog.  Of course, I will have him neutered when the time comes.  I have not owned a male dog for 30 years,
for whatever reason, our rescue or inherited dogs have all been females.  I am looking forward to getting the little guy sometime after Christmas.  I have already looked into puppy classes and will make sure he is a good citizen for the store and theatre.

Jean sent me these beautiful pictures and I thought I would share them with you.  In the middle photo is Bella, out for her walk with Jean.  Note, the beautiful western Nebraska landscape.  Wouldn't that make a great rug! (Another rug hooking reference)  Bella is pointing, she loves to point.  Poodles, you may know where originally water hunting dogs.  The name Poodle comes from the German word 'pudel'  meaning small body of water.  The often called "French" poodle is really of German origin.   Many people still use these versatile dogs for hunting purposes.  Their great intelligence and playful natures make them well-known as circus performers, agility dogs and service dogs.  In World War II, Standard Poodles were also used in the military.  There are pictures of them working right along German Shepards in war zones.

This dog will of course be greatly spoiled and loved and have very little required of it other than some good walks and lots of pets from the kids at the theatre and customers in the store.

The last picture is of the mother and the father of my future pup.  This is Bella and Reuben.  Note behind them, the chaps and bridles.  The Miller's live on a ranch, so they are 'ranch' dogs too.  Our little guy will fit in just fine here on our horse farm.  Hmmmm.......I wonder if Hairy will be jealous.  I know Carl will be.  He told me that he better get all the attention he can before January when we go get the puppy.  He knows that after that......he will have to wait in line.  Poor Carl, he is right!

I will check back in tomorrow.  There is more exciting stuff going on around here.  The next part of the foundation is going in today for the store addition.  The carpenters will be here in a week.  Whew!!!


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