More Ladies

 As promised, here are more of the 'lady' rug pictures.  The goal of the class was to  personalize or tell a story thru the figure in the rug design.

On top is Luci Bolding's lady.  Luci is from Kansas, so her  lady is wearing a polka dot dress of Kansas colors, purple and gold.  She wears red shoes, just like Dorothy Gale of Kansas.  The silhouettes to her left represent her friends, the scripture and stained glass, a tribute to her faith. Look for the hidden notes, that tell of Luci's love of music and singing.

In the center is Ken Petersen's rug.  He made this rug for my daughter Leah.  Leah is a theatre and voice teacher, so Ken has his 'lady' holding a treble clef.  Her name, Leah Arington, is hidden in the background.  The notes play the last notes of her favorite song "How Could I Ever Know" from The Secret Garden.  This rug was a large project for Ken.  He thinks he may have permanently damaged his shoulder trying to get this finished in time for the photography session.  I told him it was nothing a little ibuprofen would not cure!!!!

The bottom rug is Mary Jo Lahner's project.  I showed this rug to you  a few weeks ago, when we were comparing our projects.  Here you can see it in it's full glory.  This 'lady' is a statue in a winter scene.  It's cool colors depict the loss of a loved one.  The warm yellow sky symbolizes hope.

All these rugs are marvelously different.  The single form of the Toorop lady tells a unique story for each of us.  The rug hookers involved in this project all had terrific imaginations and used them to the fullest in telling their stories

We have Pris Buttler to thank for the terrific class, the wonderful inspiration and her patient guidance.  Each rug presented it's own set of challenges, but the amazing results were well worth the trials.

We have 4 more rugs to photograph upon their completion.  It will be November before we have all the pictures, but I promise to show them to you when we do.

Hope your September weather is cooling.  We had some rain today that feels good after the sweltering weather we have had the last few weeks.

I am now officially ready for pumpkins and scarecrows.  Come on AUTUMN!!!!!!

Next time,


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