Hook-In and More

 I just have to show you the new hay bale decoration that Carl and I made to greet you as you come down the driveway.  Neighbor Mark stacked some bales there and said we were welcome to decorate it any way we wanted, his cows, who will later eat this hay will not mind the paint fumes.

Tooey, the chocolate buckskin mare pictured below, has turnout every day in a pasture by the hay bales.  Literally, standing at her gate the only thing you can see are these hay bales.  Carl put her out the morning after we painted the bales, she stood all day and looked at them and then when walking back into the barn.....FREAKED OUT, jumping 10 feet to the side and staring at the little pumpkin man like she had never seen him before in her life, he clearly was from the risen dead and was undoubtably going to kill her.

This, is who Tooey is.  She can be sweet and good natured and wonderful, or she can be a half crazed drama queen.  I like
her, Carl does not.   Carl and Tooey have a battle of the
wills going.  Tooey treats Carl like he is stable help and he better clean her stall and get her dinner and make it snappy.  She sees me and is all gushy and gooey and says "come pet me and give me attention, because I LOVE YOU!!!!!"  She has definitely figured out the system around here.  Irritate the elderly woman and you are out of here, the man.....not so much.  Carl is so Italian and jumps up and down in what I call his Rumplestiltskin impression when Tooey does something he doesn't like.  I tell him she does these things because he is so entertaining to watch having his little hissy fit because she dumps her freshly filled bucket of water or fidgets the trash can until she gets it to her door and then dumps the whole contents in her stall.   I think that shows how smart and ingenuous she is.  He thinks that shows her intent to be as irritating as possible with the ultimate goal of making his life miserable.  Tooey is sure lucky that we are kindred spirits, she and I are really two peas in a pod (I should rethink my description of her, especially the half crazed drama queen part, oh well)

REMINDER:  It is  only one week until the Omaha Hook-In to be held at St. Robert Bellarmine Church from 9-3 on Oct. 4th.  I will not be vending there, I no long leave the store to do hook-ins, but AFTER the hook-in we are having 2 days of fun filled events here at the store.  We will have open hooking until 9pm on Oct 4th and then extended hours on Saturday the 5th from 9-6.  Jan Goos will be here and we will be teaching lots of free classes on Saturday including a original design project made just for this event.  There will be door prizes and a free fat quarter of wool with a purchase of $50 or more, also with purchase your name goes into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate.  There is more information about the Oct 4&5 events on my website  www.janicelee.biz, just click OCT 4&5 in the toolbar.


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