Her Mijesty

I haven't written much about Mij lately, I have been trying so hard to stay with rug hooking or antiques, but tonight I can't resist.  Today Leah and I took Mij to Petco and the picture tells it all.  Mij does not like the sliding doors at Petco.  I feel for her, they are sliding back and forth with an apparent randomness.  Remember, Temple Grandin did not like sliding doors in the movie about her (GREAT MOVIE by the way.  I went to Lincoln to hear her speak at the ag college last winter, fascinating, brilliant, autistic woman who revolutionized animal handling in cattle feeding and slaughter operations)

Anyway.......Mij did not like the doors so Leah picked her up and decided that the cart might be the easiest mode of transportation.  Mij thought the cart was A-OK.  We tried on some new collars and purchased a black leather one with pink rhinestones on it.  It will go beautifully with her Halloween outfit, shown below.  I bought that for her at a trip to Petco last week.  She is going as a princess to a Disney themed performance this weekend.  For Halloween Mij will be Sleeping Beauty, please note the crown on her head, and Leah will be going as a pillow.  You know.....Sleeping Beauty sleeping with her head on a pillow.  Brilliant.....sure to win any contest they enter.

So there you have it!!  I made an appointment to have my head examined and suggested the family put a lock on my checking account, I have made so many trips to Petco lately for Mij accessories.

More dogs with a rug hooking theme tomorrow.
Bye for now.......


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