Bea Brock Patterns

Well, it is back to work for me today.
All the wool from the Heirloom Workshop needs to be put away.  There will be lots torn and put in the bits and pieces bins, so it is a perfect time for quilters and appliquers to come out and get a big variety of smaller pieces.  Of course these work for rug hookers too.  You can find the very small piece needed for hooking a star or flower, without buying a whole fat quarter.  There are also hundreds of 1/2 yards of overdyed on the shelves and those you can tear off just the amount you need and we weigh it and sell it by the ounce.  Of course, as always there are thousands of fat quarters in every imaginable color, too.  And don't forget the yard pieces....there are over 300 hand dyed yard pieces, that I will sell as yards or divide into 1/2 yards.

So before I skip off to the store (which is right outside by back door, right here on my farm, so it is a short skip)  I thought I would show you some new patterns I got in right before the workshop.  I met Bea Brock when I was at Sauder and loved her beautiful, unique patterns.
She does lovely geometrics, some quilt inspired patterns and has a whole series of barn signs, similar to the hex signs used on the Pennsylvania Dutch barns.  She also has some beautiful florals and the Fraktur inspired pattern on the bottom shows the colorful and whimsical nature of her work.  I was smitten with them and ordered a large variety.  They are here now, so Friday open hooking ladies, expect a pattern show.  We love a good pattern show here at the store.  That means that while they hook, I stand up and show off what new patterns are in that week.  Well, this will be a good one.  There are several in the batch that I would like to do myself!   They make a lovely addition to the 750 plus patterns here at the store from a large variety of designers from across the country.  Doesn't that make you want to come visit?

This was a perfect timing for the patterns arrival because of our big events coming up on Friday October 4 and Saturday October 5.  I will talk more about those events tomorrow and perhaps you will be enticed to journey in the direction of Omaha for that weekend. It is going to be a good time for rug hookers that is for sure!

Talk tomorrow, I better get to work on that store!!!!!

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