Autumn Quick Tip

I have just enough time for a quick tip.  Flowers drying up?  The black eyed susans gone away for another year?  Are your hostas looking scorched and your lily's gone kaput?   Run yourself down to your nearest Lowe's store.  They have mums on sale for a ridiculous price.....even cheaper than Wal-Mart (sorry Sam).  I spent $25 on mums in various colors and have had the best time decorating the yard and antique yard items with them.  I did such a good job yesterday that I sold both the red painted feed trough and the blue wheelbarrow,  in part because of those gorgeous mums.  Keep them in the container awhile, water them and move them around into various buckets, pots and boxes.  They will never let you down!  Then plant them a little later in the season when the weather isn't quite so blazing hot.  There you have it, $25 of mums and you look like a master gardner!

Janice LeeComment