The Road to Sauder

I am going to keep this short and sweet because we have some exploring to do here at Sauder Village.  But I must share one story of our trip here from Nebraska.  Yesterday I loaded 3 game ladies up in a rented mini-van and we headed off.
At the rental place the nice approximately 10 year old boy posing as a employee for Enterprise, brought the van to where we had parked our gear, helped us load up and we were off.  We made it a little way into Iowa before someone needed to use a rest stop.  We parked, went in and hurried back out to continue our journey.

Well, here was the problem.  I could not figure out how to start the van with the new fangled key fob thing.  There was a little tiny key that did not start the car and a big plastic thing with the door lock mechanism.  I tried and tried to get that key to work.  Everyone gave me advice about buttons to push and levers to manage.  No deal.  I traded places with one of the other ladies, she tried.  Here we were on our great adventure to Ohio and we were stuck in an Iowa rest stop, apparently too collectively stupid to re-start the car.  Oh, Dr. Susan where are you when we need you!  ( Dr. Susan is our usual driver, who couldn't get off work to go along with us.)

Now we started laughing that there was not one of us with an IQ above 60.  We were yucking it up and still stuck when I saw a van similar to ours pull in to the rest stop.  I sprang into action.  I ran up to the car, still laughing hysterically and said "I have a strange question for you."   The kind woman came down to our van, looked at the key and said "You stick this plastic thing in the ignition and turn".   The van rumbled to life and we......still laughing.....motored down the road.  That was in the first 45min. of our trip.  The 10 hour drive took us 15 HOURS.  More on that later.

Off to explore,

PS The rug is a chair pad I hooked for Dr. Susan's brother.  It was the only vehicle I could find in my stash of photos.  I am trying to keep with a theme here!!!!!!!
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