Our day at Sauder Village has come to a close and we had a GREAT day!  This morning we went antiquing and then went to a wonderful chocolate shop called Stella Leona in Pettisville, Ohio.  The owner was an absolutely darling lady who opened for us even tho it was her day off.  We all bought tons of chocolate items and ate ourselves sick ALL DAY LONG.

Then we went to Sauder Village and it was wonderful.  We visited every shop and learned all about basket and broom making, tinsmithing and cooperage....ing.  We bought one of everything.
My traveling buddies Pat Shafer, Colleen Cochrane and Jan Goos were game to see and try everything.

With 4 horses at home, of course the first thing I had to do was take a carriage ride.  This darling girl Kayla was the driver and a retired Standardbred racehorse Big Boy, was our trusty steed.  Jan Goos and I are pictured with Big Boy and Kayla.

We all learned a lot about Erie Sauder at the museum and took this enchanting picture of Pat, me and Colleen.  They are apparently traveling incognito, with their shades on.

And finally a picture of me with my GHOST HORSE rug at the Sauder reception.  We had a chance to see good friend and great teacher, Pris Buttler.  We ran thru the vendors, repacked the van, ate more chocolate and are ready for bed.

Tomorrow.....home again, home again,
jiggedy jig.


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