More Good Stuff

This is one of the neatest things I have had in for a long while.  It is a feed bunk with great red paint. It would be great outside with flowers in it or would make a neat coffee table or sofa table with glass on top.

This crib quilt I bought on our trip to Ohio.  It came from Illinois and has a little history tag with it.  It was made in 1885 for a baby gift, complete with family name.  Good shape, fabulous colors.  I wonder if it is Mennonite?

Then a wonderful collection of cookie cutters in a tin container.  There are 23 cookie cutters in a variety of shapes......animals, diamond, hearts  etc.
Obviously someone's entire collection,

And as promised, more baskets, sitting on a flower stand.  The pine piece is beautiful and would be terrific for a collection of crocks, stoneware or baskets.

These baskets never fail to attract attention.  There are so many sizes, color and detail.  Their construction is top notch and as I said last night, most of them are signed.  Some are ready for snippets and tools, some perfect for noodles and more noodles.

They are beautiful and very reasonably priced.
Call or write for more details.

I am dyeing today, some new techniques, some old favorites.  This is really nothing new, because I dye wool every day, but I got a wonderful new casserole pan that will hold bigger pieces, so I have been giving it a whirl.  The Friday rug hookers will be in a for a treat......beautiful new wool to look at.  I know, I will try taking pictures to put on the blog tomorrow night.  Sometimes the beauty does NOT transfer in a photo, but I will try.

Mij and Leah were up today and the love fest continues.  Leah took Mij to a dog park yesterday and it did not work out so well.  Mij would rather have private time with Leah, not be hassled by all those other dogs.  She really is a more 'air conditioning' type pooch anyway.  And since it has been 100 degrees around here for days, I suggested to Leah that the dog park should wait for better weather.......or perhaps for...NEVER.

Mij would rather come to Grandma's house and enjoy the air conditioning in the store, anyway.  She is becoming quite the little store girl and of course,  I will dog-sit anytime.


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