More Dog Days

 Leah and Mij are doing fine.  Mij has Leah fairly well trained now.  Mij, who was going to sleep in a crate in the kitchen, now has free rein of the house, is sleeping in bed with Leah and when the TV is turned on, she heads straight for the new leather couch that was my house warming gift to Leah.  Whatever, it is just a couch.  A few white dog hairs on black leather will hardly be noticed.  I will just remember to take a lint roller with me when I visit.  Those white hairs stick to everything and everybody.

Mij is coming to my house tonight and I get to babysit her for a couple of hours.  I am pretty excited about that.  I have some work to do in the store, so she and I can get a lot done.  All this talk of dogs has put me in the 'dog' zone.  I don't want you to think I only hook horses.  I have hooked quite a few dogs too.  Here are a few of them.

On top is a Muensterlander that is owned by my brother-in-law.  Her name is Flash and I made this for him for Christmas some years ago.  Flash is a hunting dog, so I thought this pattern by Quail Hill Designs was perfect.  Next is Spanky, a Jack Russel Terrier owned by my friend Amy Swinford.  Spanky was a fly ball champion and never went any where without his ball.  It just had to be in his rug too.

Susie, the silver Schnauzer was a dog my mom rescued when her elderly owner passed away.  My mom eventually came to live with us and so did Susie.  I made this rug for my mom for Christmas one year.

And last, is a rug I made for Carl.  This is our dog Biscuit as a puppy.  She is ten now, so it has been a number of years since I made this one too.  This is a Woolley Fox design based on antique rug.  I used leftovers of as is wool for the background, hand dyed wool for the dog and the red echo.  This rug hangs in the store, I must have confiscated it from Carl at some point.  I am sure he doesn't mind.  That reminds me, I hooked another rug of Biscuit in a Diane Stoffel class last year.  I will find more pics of dog rugs to show you tomorrow.

Til then, wish me luck with Mij tonight.  I am sure it will be only a matter of minutes until she will have me trained to her liking too.

See ya,

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