Klimt Remembered

I am just home from rehearsal for the summer theatre performance and what better way to unwind after a long day, than blogging.  I ran across this picture in my photo file and decided to write about it and our Klimt class, several years ago.
Pris Buttler came here one extremely snowy day in January to teach a class based on the work of Gustav Klimt.  It was a great class and everyone's project was entirely different, however they all had elements that were Klimtesque.  If you are not familiar with Klimt (and I was certainly not when Pris first suggested the class) he was the artist who painted 'The Kiss".  He was quite a ladies man and enjoyed 'getting to know' his models.  He used lots of bright colors and strange little designs in his work

Deb Owen did the wonderful dragon, above.  Deb has 3 beautiful daughters from China.  The two older ones have done summer theatre in the past and this year, I got the youngest, Ellie.  I have know Ellie since she was a tiny little thing and it has been a treat to watch her grown up.  She is doing a great job singing and dancing and is quite a character.

The Klimt lady was hooked by Mary Jo Lahners of Lincoln.  Pris drew the lady and Mary Jo added many of the wonderful figures in the background that are so in the Klimt style.

The black horse is my project from the class.  Of course, a black horse!  However, this project was one of the first I did that was out of my more primitive color zone.  I loved doing it, all with Pris' help of course.  The tree of life mane on the horse is from another Klimt painting and the polka dot horse resembles a polka dot dress on another Klimt subject.  The fish swimming thru the background, the Egyptian eyes, stars and staffs were all Klimt favorites.

Goodnight Gustav, it has been a long day.

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