I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

I AM dreaming of a white Christmas......seriously.  It has been 100 degrees in the shade around here for a week and I am pretty tired of it.  So I ran across this pillow and thought it should grace my blog tonight.   This is a really darling pattern by Need'l Love.  I always try to stock it in the store and I always order it on linen!!!!  They show it with a red background, but I thought this blue grey was nice.  I made this years ago when I first made the monkey series.  There is grease monkey, funky monkey, spunky monkey and monkey business.  They are a related dye series, my own recipe and some of my favorite wool colors.  The background here is funky monkey.  Grease monkey is even lighter, monkey business is a brighter blue.  Spunky monkey is a rich brown/black that has lots of color overtones.  Fabulous background.  But for a pillow that needed some chill in the air, I went with funky monkey.  Ahhhhh......frosted window panes, carolers at your door, the smell of cinnamon in the air as you bake your Christmas cookies.........crowded malls, cranky last minute shoppers, presents that must be returned.....OK, I am over it.  I will take a few more days of summer heat.  I am not quite ready for the snow to begin.

Don't melt friends......
Janice LeeComment