Heirloom Beauties

  Here are two heirloom beauties made in last year's heirloom rug class.  The one above was made by Sandy Weller.  She chose the Cape Ann pattern from Woolley Fox and we color planned it with lovely vintage look wools.  The background is a mixture of greens and the whole thing is quite lovely.  The only problem is, it wasn't supposed to be that lovely.  Sandy just couldn't make herself go all the way into the homely rug arena.  She is taking the class again this year and I told her by gosh and by golly that this year's rug is going to be homely or else!!!!!

The rug below was hooked by Colleen Cochrane in the same class.  I drew this pattern for Colleen, inspired by several different vintage rugs.  She added her children's initials and birth years, and her and her husband's initials.  The background was a mixture of many different pieces of wool dyed Moose on the Loose and Itty Bitty Moose.  The background looks wonderfully old and faded.  The very effect we worked so hard to achieve.  This is truly a rug so homely only a mother could love it........and I do love it and so does Colleen.  She made it into a bench pad.  It is a great example of a beautifully homely  kind of rug.  Way to go, Colleen!  Sandy........keep working on it.  Your rugs are just too darn pretty!!!

Til next time,
Janice LeeComment