Good Morning Sunshine

I have been writing a lot about Leah and Mij lately, but since equal time is fair play and since I wouldn't want to leave him out of my blog, I thought I should write about my son Will tonight.  Will is NEVER going to see this, why would he ever be following blogs????  However, if he ever found out about this he would say "What in the world were you thinking when you put me in your BLOG."  He would NOT say this with a happy face or friendly demeanor.  But, since he is not going to ever find out, here is goes.....this blog is for you, Will.

Will is a rancher in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  He has cows and horses and dogs.  He is an animal person, just like the rest of the family.  He is a roper and you can see him above at a rodeo or team roping event.  He is the one heading (on the right).   Below is one of my favorite pictures of Will.  I call this photo "3 Blondes at a Brandin'"
because all three of these horses are palominos.  What are the chances?  Will is on the right again, on a horse I call Blondie.  He calls her Sunshine.  He renamed her on a day when his feelings toward her were taking a severe dip.  We can assume that the new name was laced with a little sarcasm.  It was one of her first brandings and she, being a more city horse at the time, resented her introduction to his more country ways.  They have sorted that out, but Sunshine got to keep her new name.   I think she is beautiful, but he assures me that beauty has nothin' to do with it.  You are either a good horse or not......pretty is just not a factor.  He and I can agree to disagree.  I still like pretty and all MY HORSES ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Sorry this had nothing to do with antiques or rug hooking.......I will do better tomorrow.

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