Dogs and Cats, No Precipitation

Well, I had a quite a day here in the store.  So many interesting people and activities.  I had some lovely ladies visit from Minnesota.  I will talk about them more tomorrow, they are going to send me a picture that I took for them in front of the store.  Until then................

Look!!!!  Her Mijesty is officially a theatre dog now.  Leah had a special one day theatre class in Lincoln, NE  (if you are in the Lincoln area, my daughter is an amazing theatre and voice teacher, check her out at is not shameless self promotion if you are promoting your daughter, right?  OK, maybe shameless promotion, just not of  SELF)   Anyway....Mij the Marvelous after only 6 days of being a city girl went to theatre class with 30 children, where she was quite a hit.   Mij of course has turned out to be quite a low key kind of cattle dog and slept thru 99% of the class.   But how can you not love a little spotted dog at theatre camp!  Go Mij, go Leah!

The day was full of customers and visitors, but at the end of the day neighbors Mark and Colette came by to help us give the 2nd round of shots to the six little feral kittens.  You many remember from a previous post that these little cuties were spayed/neutered a few weeks ago and got 1 round of shots.  It was time for another go round of shots before they can be released.  They are so tame now, we thought this would go without a hitch.  Why do I think these things.  I should have thought one of us might be killed by one of the darlings in the process of receiving shots and then the eventual outcome would have been a pleasant surprise.   However, it all went sooooooo badly, at one point I thought

one of us MIGHT die in the process.  You know how people say if you pick a kitten up by the nap of the neck, it paralyzes them, like their mother does when she carries them.  Well, first Carl tried that technique on Joyana.  That kitten turned inside out and clawed Carl's arm up one side and down the other so fast, all we saw was the blood spurting from his arm.  (OK, I exaggerate, there was blood dripping not spurting)  Let me just stop there and say THAT was the one out of 6 that went the best.  By the end, when all were vaccinated and dewormed, the 4 of us humans were a mess.  I had shrieked myself hoarse.  Carl was losing blood fast and the neighbors were sorry they had ever volunteered for the project.  We all had to sit down for a while to regain our composure.  The cats, I am sure, will never speak to me again. They will have to stay in their crate for another week or so until they forgive me.  If we let them out now, they would head south and not stop until they reached the Kansas border.   Once a feral kitten......maybe always a feral kitten, at least when it comes time for veterinary handling.  Yikes.  It was bad.  Carl will not die from his wounds, but the scars might be permanent.

So, speaking of cats, I threw in pictures of 2 different cat rugs I have hooked.  They are both based on antique designs.  The first one is hooked on a plaid piece of wool and has numerous pennies on it.  Someone should have suggested I count the pennies before I started this, because several dozen pennies into the project, I was sick of the whole thing.  If you see it up close, you can see my stitches started out reasonably small and ended up as huge basting stitches.  I thought it would be difficult to hook thru the wool, but it was not at all.  It was not even a particularly loose weave.  Try it sometime, it gives a very nice effect.  The little rug on the bottom has very primitive  kittens and a hit and miss border that looks very old.  This is one of 13 stair step rugs I made for my staircase.  I made it long ago, when cats and I were still on speaking terms.  It might be a while before I hook another feline.

Next time,
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