Antiques and More

Here is a photo sent to me by the very fun visitors I had on Saturday morning.  These ladies came from Minneapolis and are quilters, appliquers and a rug hooker.  There was a Lori, a Laura and 2 Ann Maries.  What are the chances?  They were wool lovers and had a good time shopping for wool for their projects. was great meeting you!  In the next photos you can see some of the new antiques I got in.  The green gameboard was acquired on our trip to Ohio.  I love the colors and shape.  It will be gorgeous on a wall  Next is a dry sink.  Absolutely beautiful, with chamfered doors.  I love the little door and and the lines of the backsplash.   The flour tin is in great shape and I LOVED the color.  I am not sure I have ever seen a black and white flour tin in this style.   Blue yes, green, sure, but not black.  Hmmmm, it would look good in MY kitchen.  Love it!   There are many new things in the store, so I will add some more pics tomorrow night.       Tomorrow then,  Janice

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