A Trip to Vegas

When my daughter was a student at Eastman School of Music in Rochester NY, she had a wonderful voice teacher named Carol Webber.
Carol was a fantastic singer, teacher and mentor.
My daughter considered her 'family' and on my visits to Rochester I was allowed to watch and even participate in classes that not many outsiders were allowed access to.  I always say, my daughter's Eastman education paid off for me and still does.  Whenever I have a technique problem with a voice student, I call Leah.  She always knows just from my description of the problem, how to make the fix.  Whether it is tongue position or a soft palate issue, she knows what to advise.  I really should also say a mental thank you to Miss Webber at those times.  She was the source of Leah's excellent vocal performance education.

Leah is in Minnesota right now, directing an opera being performed by many of her Eastman friends.
It got me thinking about Miss Webber and all the nights that Leah was invited to dinner at her house.
Sometimes Leah cooked, sometimes Miss Webber cooked, but the friendship and camaraderie  were invaluable to the young woman living so far away from home.

Once, right before Leah graduated with her master's from Eastman, I was invited to one of those dinners.  Off we went to Miss Webber's, where I got a little insight as to why these evenings were so important to them both.  Miss Webber lived in a lovely house on the edge of one of the great lakes.  Please, don't judge me, I don't know which one it is.  And as a girl from Nebraska, I am not really familiar with the geography of the great lakes region.  All I know, is we sat on Miss Webber's porch, drank red wine, watched the sail boats in the distance and had a wonderful time chatting about the world and stuff!  They told me that they called the porch "Vegas".  Why......well of course, when 2 'girlfriends' are chatting, then "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  They had exchanged many confidences, dreams and tears over the years, but it always stayed between them.

When I got home from the trip, I knew I had to make a rug for Miss Webber's lovely home.  I always advise people, that making rugs as a gift can be dicey.  Sometimes people don't get how much money, time and effort go into making a rug.  You may find out later that they put it on a garage sale, or left it rolled up in the closet.  I thought Miss Webber would appreciate the rug, so.....game on.  I drew the lake with the sail boat, her porch and flowers, just as I remembered them.  Hidden in the border below the porch is the word "VEGAS' as a reminder of the times shared by two good friends, teacher and student.

Next time,
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