A New Home for Leah and Mij

This blog has nothing to do with rug hooking or antiques......altho, come to think of it, I see a rug of this adorable dog in the future.  My daughter Leah just got home from her summer theatre gigs, moved into a new house in Lincoln and waited 24 hours to get a dog.  She has been wanting a dog for years and it just never worked out.  She was all prepared to hit the pound and rescue sites when I got a call from her brother, Will.  He had a dog, Mij, who is just a year old.  She is a Hanging Tree, Border Collie cross, bred to be a cattle dog.  This little cattle dog prefers being a couch potato and Will thought she might make a nice house dog for  his sister, Leah.  We zipped up to Burwell today and picked up Mij.  Well, actually, first we gave her a bath cause she smelled a little like a cow.  She seemed to enjoy the bath and all the attention, said good bye to Will and ranch life and jumped into the car to head for her life as a city dog.  Leah already has plans to use her as 'Sandy' in ANNIE.  I know, the spotted dog might pose a problem being used as Sandy, but we have already solved that by making a few script changes.  We even thought she could be in SEUSSICAL, the Musical.  I definitely see her in a little ruffled clown collar.  Oh yes, hang on Mij.....you are in for a new kind of adventure.   Leah is already planning to have bandanas of all colors, so their outfits can match.  Some of this stuff, I will keep from brother Will.  It might all seem a bit much for his cowboy ways.  Best he not know all the details of Mij's transformation from country girl to city girl.   

Til next time,   Janice
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