Trip to Burwell

I have been pondering things to blog about.  I really would like these blogs to be more interesting than the recounting of me cleaning out my sock drawer.  Oh, who am I kidding, I never clean out my sock drawer, so I couldn't blog about it anyway.  Since it is finally summer here in Nebraska, the humidity is a testament to that fact, I looked thru my rug pictures for summer themed rugs.  Here is one of my favorites!
My son lives near Burwell, and when he showed me the ranch he was going to move to,  I nearly fainted.  It is miles off the main highway, down many a winding road.   The first trip there, he pointed at a little white house in the distance and said "That's it!"  I thought, "Great, but how in the world do you ever get in or out in the winter?"  As it turned out, my motherly concerns were unfounded and this grown man of a son of mine, has no trouble getting home, without my help or concern.  It actually is a beautiful spot and I love visiting him there.  My pal Sandy often rides with me when I visit him and we can always count on a horse or cow adventure when we visit Will.     

 Back to rug hooking.  A few years ago, I asked talented
rug hooker, Mary Jo Lahners of Lincoln to teach a class here at the store.  I admire Mary Jo's work.  She had an honorable mention rug in Celebration last year, and is really unafraid to tackle the unusual.  I knew she had made some beautiful landscapes, so for this class I decided to hook "Burwell" or what Burwell looks like to me.  I wanted the feeling of being at the bottom of that hill, looking up at the little white house at the top.  This is the result and it always makes me smile.  I have the winding road, the cedar trees and the blow-outs in the sand hills.  The tough task was choosing the greens that would give the effects we needed without either blending together or looking like they belonged in different rugs.  With Mary Jo's help, we got the job done.   Mary Jo is shown in the picture to the right.  I loved that class, the teacher and my rug!  Thanks Mary Jo.

Stay cool,

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