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It is that time of year, when my summer theatre activities wrap up.  Today was the last day for our junior/senior high group.  The 'littles' had their last class on Monday. Now we start the big final production weekend, Saturday night rehearsals, Sunday afternoon final dress rehearsal and then the first show on Sunday night and another one on Monday night at 6:30.  There are 50 kids in the program this year, and they have been attending class, one afternoon a week all summer long.  That means in 8 weeks they learn all their material to sing, dance and stage 23 numbers for their show which is about as entertaining as an hour can be.  Tickets are $10, if you would like to attend.....The Elkhorn Valley Community Theatre in Valley Nebraska is the location.

I teach this program and have for many, many years.  It is my favorite 'job' and it takes me about 2 days to start missing these kids and wishing we were starting all over again.  This year one of our fellow rug hookers, Pat Shafer, has volunteered to help with costuming and organizing the back stage, which is a colossal undertaking with 50 kids, each of whom wears three different costumes.  Oooooh, don't do the math.  Poor Pat!  Pat's husband Steve is our sound guy and does an excellent job handling that extremely important job.  This year Pat and Steve's granddaughter Emily is doing summer theatre.  She is an excellent violinist and has a very important part in one of the scenes.

OK, back to rug hooking......since my mind is on summer theatre, costumes, etc.....I decided to show you my 'theatre rug'.  I made this rug for my voice studio at the theatre, several years ago.  During the school year I give 12-15 voice lessons a week to kids and adults.  My theatre office/studio is my home away from home, so I made this rug to commemorate some of my favorite shows and some favorite characters from shows we have done over the 30 years I have been running this theatre.

Look closely and you will see ANNIE, TINY TIM, DOROTHY, THE LION and SCARECROW etc.   Each of those characters was played by a person special to me.....that is how they made the cut to be on the rug.   My significant other Carl is seen as Cogsworth the Clock, the part he played in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  My daughter Leah is in the burgandy dress she wore when she played Gooch when I played MAME.  My friend Ken made the rug as SCROOGE.  My bestie Beth was the Wicked Witch of West in THE WIZARD OF OZ and I can be seen playing my favorite part....Eliza Doolittle.  You will undoubtably recognize me in my black and white Ascot dress.  On the end is my friend Don Overholt.  He played Sitting Bull when we did ANNIE GET YOUR GUN years ago.  Don is gone now, but his friendship is forever remembered in this rug.

This is a pattern from the Frazier company, called Ring a Round the Rosie, I believe.  It has children running in a circle.  I drew in the costumes and hair-dos and hats to make them into their characters.  I also drew in a "yellow brick road" for them to dance around.  I love this rug.

I will show you some pictures next week from the summer theatre shows.  Will we try to 'break a leg'.

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