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My blogging advisor Barb G.  has suggested I put some pictures of the store on my blog.  What a good idea.  The problem is, patterns hanging on the rack are not too exciting........however, it will give you an idea of how many there are here in the store.......and that would be OVER 750.  I quit counting when I got to 750, because it seemed to indicate some kind of addiction or obsessive compulsive disorder.  Trust me, when I say there are over 750 patterns in the store, I am NOT kidding.  Just ask Barb G.

This is just some of the patterns, there are stacks and stacks of other.  I carry patterns from lots of different designers,  Pris Buttler,  Jan Goos, Woolley Fox, Crow Hill, Primitive Spirit, Spruce Hill, Sharon Smith, Judy Cripps, Need'l Love,  Emma Lou Lais, Kathy Morton and a host of others.
No, I don't need therapy, no, it is not a problem at all....really......really.

Now since the camera has been found, I will show some pictures of the good people who joined us last Saturday for hooking.   We lunched and talked, solved some world problems and a few rug hooking problems for sure.  Pictured is Suzanne Burguoin, working on a retreat project she started in Maggie Bonanomi's class.   Above is Sandy Nash working on her Pris Buttler "Lady" rug.  Sandy's lady is very interesting.  Her figure is that of a crone, holding an owl.  It is very mystical and really very different than the other rugs being hooked from that class.  I can't wait for then all to be done, so I can show them all.  Annie Schoening, below is working on an original piece that she drew at a Diane Stoffel class here at the store.    I promise to show more pictures tomorrow of the people who joined us for our special Saturday hooking.    I should mention the retreat that is coming up in November 2013.  It is held at the Lied Lodge which is a fantastic hotel and conference center in Nebraska City Nebraska.  There will be 60 ladies in attendance.  I hire 4 teachers every year to teach.  This year the teachers will be Donna Hrkman, Sharon Smith, Pris Buttler and Jan Goos.  I still have spots available in Pris Buttler and Jan Goos' classes.  You can visit my website at and click RETREAT in the toolbar to get more information or write me at   I will be happy to give you the rundown on the events.

Till next time,

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