Happy 4th of July weekend!  The flag is flying, Uncle Sam is manning his station, and marshmallows have been toasted over an open fire.  We are hooking this afternoon, so all is well with the world.  Remember, first Saturday hooking will take place next Saturday July 13th and will be an 'All Day' hook-in event.  Carl will be making lunch for us, so please email me to let me know if you plan to attend.

There are so many wonderful patterns that have flags in them.  I just got in a bunch of new patterns from Needl' Love, several have flag motifs.  There are many other 'flag' patterns in the store, as well.
What to do for flag colors is always an interesting debate.  Below are some favorites here in the store.

Jan Goos favorites:  Grease Monkey, Pepperberry,  Partial Eclipse

For a brighter flag:  Flow Blue, Persimmon, and Alamo White

Whatever your flag preference, visit the store.  We have endless combinations for your next Americana project.  Happy holiday to you!

Till next time,

Janice LeeComment