Perfectly Bailey

I got to spend a fun day with Dr. Susan and Bailey.  They came out to color plan a new rug and we got the chance to sit and hook.  Bailey, of course, napped on her blanket, but she perked up her ears when Susan and I talked about her portrait rug.  

Dr. Susan color planned this rug last March in a Diane Stoffel class here at the store.   We loved the way it turned out.  Not only does the dog have the correct coloring, but her attitude is all Bailey too!

The soft turquoise colors were a little different
for Susan's palate, but as always, we trust
everything Diane Stoffel suggests.  Of course,
the colors were perfect and Susan loves them.

The outer border is Turquoise Spark and
Turquoise Sparkler.  The background is a
mixture of Robin's Egg Blue, Sea Mist and Aqua.
The roses are Pepperberry and Persimmon.
Perfect!  Great job Dr. Susan and Diane Stoffel.
But how could you miss with the model you were
working with.

Next time,
Janice LeeComment