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 Here are some more of the good people who were here for our special Saturday hooking last week.  Jan Goos is pictured, not at a rug, but at my computer trying to help me figure out some blogging things.  For instance, even tho you may be signed up to get emails when I do a blog, it may not be working.  I am not sure rather than wait for an email, keep checking in.  I am trying to blog every day or two.  Also, I have not quite figured out how to respond to comments.  Ah, yes, I am embarrassed, but I think I have worked that out.  I am not trying to ignore you kind commenters, I have just not been sure how to answer.  I think I have it now!

Colleen Cochrane  is shown working on her rug from the Sharon Smith class.  Colleen chose the "Pansies" pattern as a gift for her mother.  It has been challenging as she worked at balancing the colors thru out the rug.  She has the background done now and I will show you a picture of the rug soon.

I am going to throw in some pictures of wool in an effort to tempt you all to come visit me at the store.  I know, subtlety is not my forte.   My dyed wool addiction is even worse than my pattern problem.  The good thing is......I LOVE TO DYE there is always plenty to see here at The Rug Hooking Store.   I also love making new colors, so there are literally hundreds of different colors and thousands of pieces of hand-dyed wool to see.  On top you see just one of the areas of dyed wool.  On the bottom you see 1/8 yd strips I made for a class.  These are baked and prepared in my own little process.  They are absolutely gorgeous and very versatile. Try one sometime, they are fantastic fun to incorporate in your rug.    Come visit.  I love company.

There is a storm coming.  I better shut down for now.

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