Heirloom Theorem

I am still in Heirloom Rug Class mode, but promise to move along tomorrow.  Above is a picture of a rug my friend Sandy Weller did in an Heirloom Rug Class that I taught several years ago.  Sandy chose to hook a theorem in the Pennsylvania Dutch style.  This rug shows the soft watercolors used in old theorem paintings, very lovely.  But again, the background is what makes it interesting to me.  We selected 6 or 8 different dark values to be our 'black' background.  By hooking them in patches, vertically, Sandy made the rug look faded or water stained, just like a 150 year old theorem might be.
Diane Stoffel taught me to think about everything in light, medium and dark values.  As you can see this background has light, medium and dark 'blacks' that give the effect we wanted.  If we had chosen darks that were too similar in value, it would have been a more solid look.  We wanted 'old' and I think that is exactly what Sandy achieved.  Way to go Sandy!

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