Hay season nostalgia

Since it is haying season, I thought I would show the haying rug I made for my son several years ago.  Please note the John Deere tractor and Vermeer baler.  I asked Will if he would like me to make him a rug.  He said, jokingly, that the only rug he would like is of his John Deere tractor and he doubted that I had the talent to accomplish this.  Game on.  I took a picture of him baling hay, drew up the design and started hooking.  When I showed him the almost finished rug, he complained that the baler was the wrong color, not VERMEER gold.  So I dyed more gold wool and actually matched it to the tractor itself.  When the rug was finished, my pain in the neck son said "I wasn't wearing a red cap that day, I was wearing a green cap.  Whoa......I considered child abuse, but he was 26 years old and 6ft 5in tall.  I decided against abuse and told him it was an artistic representation, not a photograph.  Besides, there was already too much green in the rug with the trees, hayfield and tractor.  This rug NEEDED him to wear a red hat.  So, tough!!!!!   I kept the rug, it hangs in the store.  He can have it when I am dead or when he improves his attitude about my art form.  Yeah, like I said......when I am dead.

Next time,
Janice Lee3 Comments