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I got a call and an email from good friend Jan Goos yesterday.  Jan is one of the most talented colorists I know and apparently the apple does not fall far from the tree.  These pictures show a project that her daughter Michelle is working on.
This is a Primitive Spirit pattern that they bought here at the store.  They color planned it when they were here for a visit and this is the result.  I love the colors they chose!  The background of the flower basket is wonderfully variegated.  I can't wait to see it progress.  They promised more pictures as she gets more of it done.

I love the flower in the corner.  By using a variety of colors, pinks, rose, blue, yellow, in short strips, she has achieved 'brush strokes' like you would if you were painting.  It is very subtle and makes the flower so much more interesting.

I like the greens they have chosen too.  Jan is a big fan of the silo series,  Summer Silo, Silver Silo and Sand Hills Silo.  They are soft greyed blue greens, related so they all look terrific together.
I think green is the trickiest color to work with.
Of all colors, I think green values are the most challenging.  If you do not use greens that are different enough in value, they blend together and look like a blob.   I also like to use blue greens and yellow greens in the same project, so leaves, stems, and grass are more interesting.  Color planning here in the store I often find people are reluctant to mix yellow greens and blue greens, but if I show them examples and 'encourage' them, they become believers.

Thanks Jan and Michelle for the photos.  Jan is one of our teachers at The Nebraska Rug Hooking Retreat that I put on at the Lied Center in Nebraska City every November.  Her specialty is what I call "elegant primitive".  She loves primitive color and style, but in her very unique way.  She is technically just a beautiful rug hooker, as well, and always has interesting tips to share.  If you are interested in attending the retreat, check out the RETREAT page in the toolbar at my website  We still have some spaces available with Jan Goos and Pris Buttler for this November's RETREAT.

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