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 This is one of my favorite times of year on our little farm.  I love to see the bales of hay sitting in the field.  Neighbor Mark got the hay put up yesterday and I drove the gator out just to smell the hay.  It is better than any perfume.  Yes, Vicki Yanda, it is even better than "Angel"!!!!!   I bet you would agree.
So, the peaceful pastoral picture on top is simply to balance out the fact that I am raising 6 feral kittens, pictured below.  There is absolutely nothing peaceful about them.  To say they are full of the dickens, would be a polite understatement.   These little darlings were born in the neighbor's hayloft.  Their mother was a lovely grey cat, just passing thru the neighborhood.  Our great neighbors do not keep cats on their farm, but knowing that we do have cats and were looking for a couple of new kittens, they offered to set a humane live trap to catch them.  They thought there were 2 or 3 of them.  But they kept catching kittens, and catching kittens until our little cat condo had 6 in all.   At first they would not even come out of their crate when I came near, but now they have identified me as the food lady and I am much more popular.  We started out giving them kitten formula and now give them canned cat delicacies along with their dry kitten food.  I can now pick up 4 or the 6.  I can pet the 5th, but the last one caught is the wiliest and still won't let me get near him.   They will have to stay in the cat condo for a few more weeks until they are easy enough to handle that they can go the veterinarian to gets shots and neutered.  We have a ways to go.

You may have noticed that this blog has nothing to do with wool, rugs or antiques, but that is just to lure you in.  Tomorrow, I will write about our great day of hooking here at the store.  I also got in a fabulous set of seed drawers that I will show also.  In the meantime....send calming thoughts to Rocky, Joyanna, Oceanna, Boots, Socks and LePew.  Yeah, and about those names,  Carl and I are responsible for Boots and Socks.  The more colorful names you can blame on my daughter Leah (LePew), grandson Smith (Rocky) and his dad Matt.  The father of 2 sons, he said if he ever had daughters he would have named them Joyanna and Oceanna.  Whew, are we ever glad
he and Rachel had sons.

Tomorrow.......back to rug hooking and antiques.
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