Camera Found

One of the most fun things about rug hooking is the different ways you can do the same pattern.  This is a good example.   On the right is one of my patterns, Moonlit Moose.  This is the way I  kit this pattern.  Below is the pattern done in a completely different color plan.

 Last summer Bonnie Johnson and her husband visited the store.
This is Bonnie's project and I must say, I like it better than my moose.  She left off the border, added snow to the bottom, which matches her moon.  She did a great job adding the lighter green to the pine tree.  The value of tree and sky might have been too similar without that touch of lighter green to help the tree stand on it's own.                                                                                                

Great job Bonnie!  I love it!!!

Good news on the camera front.  My friend Ken helped me search today and found it on a counter I had walked by at least 5,000 times.
Thank you Ken for spotting it for me.

As promised here are some pictures from our all day hooking event on Saturday.  Mary Jo Lahners was here for a while and brought her Pris Buttler class rug along.  This was the class I talked about before where we all personalized the figure of a willowy woman.  Below you can see my rug on the left, Mary Jo's in the center and Ken's on the right.   It certainly fits with my theme today of, same pattern, different look.   When all the rugs are finished we will take pictures of them all and I will post them.

More pictures tomorrow.  It is almost time for Friday afternoon open hooking.  The ladies will be here soon.  Please join us sometime.  We hook every Friday afternoon and every first Saturday afternoon.  Gotta go......
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