I have been remiss in my blogging and apologize for such delinquency! I have been finishing our new grandson Lennox's baby rug and it is finally done. I drew the design and included an ox since baby Lennox was born in the year of the ox. I put pigs in his big brother Smith's rug for the same reason.
Now on to a 50th Anniversary present for one of our Friday hookers, Jane Scott. I find it completely amazing that anyone could remain married for 50 years......so here is to Jane and her husband Scotty! Jane picked the Karen Kahle pattern and the colors that would go in her house. She left the rest up to me. I will get a picture of the work in progress and blog it tomorrow. I started last Thursday and am moving right along. Her anniversary is Sept. 5th and I would like to get it done it time.

Time to remind everyone about the Eastern Nebraska Hook-In on Friday October 9th at the YMCA in Valley. The fliers will go out September 1, but I will tell you all about the interesting teachers we have found for the mini-classes in the next few days.

Until tomorrow.
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